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Police identify man fatally shot on board MV Dream Chaser

A security guard on the party boat the MV Dream Chaser has passed away after being shot last night.
The police have identified the deceased as 32 year old Dave Archer of West Terrace, St. James.
According to the police the boat was preparing to dock about 10:35 pm when there was a scuffle on board and security intervened.
After the boat docked a number of people disembarked but about three of them returned and another scuffle took place.
One shot was fired and hitting Mr. Archer.
He was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in a police vehicle where he passed away.


  1. Fish Man says:

    Barbados needs to have a no tolerance law only for illegal firearms this should be used to target China’s only & not legatos fire arm holders

    For a criminal caught with an illegal fire arm the penalty should be 25/years in jail no parole & no bail. And the second offense be 50 years in prison. Let these fellas think twice about becoming bad boys on the block.
    This will put the fear of god into the hearts of these fellas.

  2. Faye Tudor says:

    What is happening to my little island.

  3. Cynthia Taitt says:

    Barbados no longer the place it once used to be; the criminal minded violent thugs has no respect for human life. Knowing that a few years in Dodds as a punishment is all they will get for depriving a person of their life, these criminal vermin is not afraid to use their guns.

  4. Althea clarke says:

    This is so sad , I agree something has to be done to drive the fear of the Lord in these idiots twenty five years might be too good. That might cause me to pay more taxes. Hang them starting the night before and finish the next night. could you image he at work,and the agony of the family

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