The GOOD News

The Good News Fridays at 8:45 with Kashi

Bad news is everywhere! Murder, Robbery, Diseases, starvation, Price hikes, and more.  
Where are the positive stories?
Where can we find something inspirational and uplifting?
Seeing this void and the need to bring joy and happiness to our listeners, The
Good News is here to bring a refreshing change to the delivery of news.
We take some of the most uplifting stories from here and around the world and present them to you as a perfect start to the weekend.
The Good News will also have a segment called The Spotlight, where the focus is
on one person or organization.

The listening public will be a part of The Good News too. They will be invited
to send their good news to so we can share it
with the world!

It’s time to share The Good News!