Pic O De Past

No Crop Over No Problem….

The STAGE is VOB 92.9 FM in Crop-Over City!

Pic O De Past….

  • 2005 Kid Site – Only Bout Hey
  • 2008 Adrian Clarke – Put Dah In Yuh Song
  • 2011 Popsicle – Don’t Sell Cromwell
  • 2015 Classic – In Bed Together
  • 2016 Aziza – One People, One Nation
  • 2017 Ian Webster – Salesman
  • 2018 Blood – Sexual Harassment

You voted and your Pic O De Past winner is 2011 Popsicle – Don’t Sell Cromwell

The Popsicle is walking away with a Samsung A21 compliments Digicel and a 2-night stay at a South Beach Hotel, one in the Oceans Hotel group.

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