Month: June 2020

Today on Break it Down: Did you know…⠀

“Green leafy vegetables, or ‘foliage’ are rich sources of folate and how ‘folate’ got its name. ⠀

Vitamin B9 (Folate) boosts brain health and function in several ways and is water-soluble, and one of 8 B-Vitamins.⠀

You can also get folate from citrus fruit juice, legumes” – Nutritionist Zonia Phillips ⠀

Today on Break it Down:Fluent in Wellness we tackle stress…⠀

Too much stress or chronic stress? Go green⠀

“Dark green leafy veggies = B Vitamins that help in the production of happy hormones seratonin and dopamine (these brain chemicals help you stay calm)⠀

Be sure to eat 2 servings* of dark green leafy veggies daily to assist with stress⠀

*1 serving = 1/2 cup cooked or 1 cup raw dark green leafy greens ⠀

Not sure what dark green leafy veggies are? Think…. spinach, beet root greens and chinese cabbage” – Nutritionist Zonia Phillips⠀

Today on Break it Down: Fluent in Wellness we chat with Nutritionist Zonia Phillips about making Shopping Easy Peazy during COVID-19

Nutritionist Zonia Phillips: “To make your shopping day experience as stress free as possible start with a plan
1. Make a shopping list
2. To save money – reduce your purchases of high sugar, high fat and high salt snacks instead get more fruits and veggies
3. Try new recipes especially those ones you have wanted to try for a long time and didn’t have the time. Make sure that all the ingredients that you need are on your shopping list
4. Make some soups and stews, this is one way to use up any wilted vegetables and also soups are a way to stretch your food dollar”

Azania: What about snacking? I feel like I’ve been at the refrigerator all the time since COVID-19 started…what can I do about that?

Nutritionist Zonia Phillips: “We have something for that.
We understand that it is easy to practice random eating now you’re at home. Instead stick to your regular meal times. Also, to make life easier create one day a week a comfort food day…make sure you put on your list all your favourite foods. Make a short list because if you don’t have it you can’t eat it.
You deserve one day a week with all your comfort foods.”