St. Joseph residents promised fix to bad roads - VOB


St. Joseph residents promised fix to bad roads

St. Joseph residents concerned about land slippage and resulting bad roads have been promised that repair work in some areas will commence next month, but their MP, the Attorney General Dale Marshall warns that government doesn’t currently have the many for a large-scale fix of the problems in the area.

Mr. Marshall was speaking to moderator Sanka Price on VOB’s Getting Down to Brass Tacks call-in program after the latest complaints from residents of Vaughn’s Road #1 who say the damage to the roads by land slippage has made access to the area difficult especially for automobiles and sometimes hazardous even for pedestrians.

Mr. Marshall says it would take a tremendous amount of money to fix all the land slippage problems in the area but some work is scheduled to start next month.

Mr. Marshall doesn’t think relocation is the best solution and he also recommends a different approach to house construction in those areas.



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